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Japan aims at introducing its cutting edge medical technology to Bangladesh and a number of fact finding missions and seminars have been organized at Dhaka in recent years, under the supervision of the Healthcare Industries division of Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, Japan (METI). Consequently, the Bangladesh Japan Institute of Radiology & Imaging (BJIRI) has been established in 2013 to introduce the advanced medical technology of Japan to Bangladesh. The institute is associated with a number of renowned organizations of Japan involved in this field, namely, Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ), Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association, Japan (HIDA) and the Japan Association of Radiological Technologists (JART). The institute has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Bangladesh. The institute is also under the process of affiliation with the Dhaka University.

Apart from the large city hospitals, Bangladesh has more than five hundred hospitals at the periphery (upazila and union) levels and government strategy is to equip those hospitals with essential diagnostic devices such as the medical ultrasound. Accordingly, BJIRI has started its training program on medical ultrasound, since ultrasound is considered to be the stethoscope of 21st century. Presently various training courses on medical ultrasound are going on at BJIRI with most advanced made in Japan ultrasound machines from Hitachi and Toshiba. Also instructors from Japan are coming to BJIRI to help the trainees attain the most advanced level of knowledge and skill.

In addition to the present program on medical ultrasound training, BJIRI plans to introduce training programs in all fields of radiology and imaging including X-Ray, CT and MRI. The training courses will be based on the most advanced made in Japan medical devices with direct teaching and technical support from Japan. Ultimately BJIRI would endeavor to be the central hub for Bangladesh Japan medical technology cooperation.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive course by Japanese Ultra-sonogram Specialist.
  • Hands on training with latest 3D/4D Color Doppler Machine from Japan.
  • Basic Color Doppler orientation in CMU
  • Anomaly Scanning
  • Practical training on real Patients
  • Biophysics orientation for FCPS part-1 Examination
  • Both theory & Practical classes by professionals
  • Video case presentation


Offer training to Bangladeshi health personnel to attain world class knowledge and skill through Japanese support and cooperation. Enhance Bangladesh Japan medical technology exchange and cooperation. Introduce state of the art medical devices form Japan to Bangladesh.

Aspiring to be the central hub for Bangladesh Japan medical technology cooperation, BJIRI plans to introduce training packages compatible with all medical device makers of Japan. Very soon BJIRI will start training course on Electroencephalography (EEG) and Electrocardiography (EMG). Many such sophisticated device oriented training courses are not adequately available in Bangladesh and BJIRI hopes to introduce them.

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